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Part #: 20B185
Manufacturer: Pelton & Crane
Fiber Optic Lamp Module Red Gasket - Pelton & Crane® Spirit
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Part Price: $79.27
Part #: 21L001
Manufacturer: EDP
Handpiece Light Source Tubing, 6-PIN ISO-C, Polyurethane
In stock

Part Price: $125.00
Part #: 21L002
Manufacturer: EDP
Handpiece light source tubing; 6-Pin; ISO-C; ADEC 4 tube jacketed

Part Price: $165.00
Part #: 21L003
Manufacturer: EDP
Handpiece Light Source Tubing, 5-Hole Vari-Lux, Polyurethane

Part Price: $200.00
Part #: 21L004
Handpiece light source tubing; 5 Hole Vari-Lux; ADEC 4 Tube; ADEC

Part Price: $250.00

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We have been a supplier of dental equipment repair parts for Belmont, DCI, DCI Equipment,
Marus, and Pelton & Crane dental equipment since 2003.